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Default How to use ReaStream over the Internet! (with a few caveats)

Hi all! Long time no see!

So, I recently joined an Internet-based band, and we needed a way to monitor full quality audio over the Internet, so that we could make mix decisions in (near) real time.

After some painful trial, error, hair-pulling, and installing of multiple tools, I have found the way to allow ReaStream to broadcast to anywhere in the world (that has broadband).


ReaStream on OSX is BROKEN; it does not receive the incoming audio packets, even though the OS receives them fine. OSX CAN broadcast; it just cannot receive. Keep this in mind if you intend to use ReaStream to send audio to other places.

The easiest method I have found to stream audio over the Internet with ReaStream is as follows:


1) Download and install WireShark. It is a connection scanner that will verify that the packets are leaving the computer and going out over the air/wire.

2) Start WireShark. Start Reaper, create a new project. Create a new track, add the ReaStream plugin, and set it to send audio (type in an IP address, doesn't matter what it is. will suffice for now). Make sure it is activated.

3) Begin scanning in WireShark. You should see a vast number of UDP packets leaving your machine, being transmitted to Take note of the PORT that those packets are leaving on. That was all you needed WireShark for.

4) Provide the PORT to your RECEIVERS. Have your RECEIVERS provide their public IP addresses to you (whatismyip.com works well), type those IP's into as many instances of ReaStream as your connection can handle. Wait for the RECEIVERS to finish their part...


You will need to be able to activate PORT FORWARDING from your router. If you cannot accomplish that, unfortunately, you most likely will not be able to RECEIVE.

1) Log into your router. In the configuration menu, have the PORT provided by your STREAMER forwarded to the local IP address of the WINDOWS computer that you will be using to listen. (It helps to set up a static IP for your computer in your router, so that the port will always be forwarded to the correct IP.)

2) You may also have to deal with Windows Firewall, or whatever software firewall you have installed. I can't help you there; good luck.

3) Start Reaper, create an empty project. Create a new track. Insert ReaStream on that track. Set it to RECEIVE audio.

4) ???

5) Profit.

As near as I can remember, that is it. Once those steps are complete, ReaStream should work.

If there is another, more comprehensive guide to ReaStream, I apologize; I could not find it, in multiple attempts to Google these answers.

I hope this helps someone else; it was a painful few days of testing, but the system now works as it should.

Good luck, and if I can help, I will be happy to try.

PS. ReaStream would be even more useful if it weren't broken on OSX... just sayin'.
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Hi !

Thx for the tutorial,

does this still work ?

Can you add some screenshots to your tutorial ? I'm a bit stuck :S
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