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Default Used to be able to advance video frame by frame

Basically that. When working with video, I used to be able to advance frame by frame with mi arrow keys. Now I can't, I've set everything I can to Hours:Minutes:Secons:Frames, 0 pixel minimum for different stuff, but so far nothing. I know about the possibility to use a script for this, but I would have to bind it to my arrow keys, which would mess up their functionality for other type of work.

Was this an intentional change? Am I not aware of something? How do you advance your video frame by frame so as to be accurate with syncing? (other than the obvious Nudge).

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Human being with feelings
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https://reapack.com/ Reapack has some scripts for it. I put them on my numkey, cos I need the arrows for other things. Doesn't matter what the grid is set to.
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