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Default Drumkit From Hell?

I've heard good things about this. No processing on the samples, mic placement options. Anybody know this VSTi? I'm looking for better sounds than my synth can offer.
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I have DFH little brother EZDrummer. I TOTALLY love it. The samples sound excellent and it is super easy to use.

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First post, I just registered on the forum and I'm going to buy Reaper within a few days, I used Samplitude before but I am really blown away by how Reaper really does everything that I need it to do so easily.
Looking forward to becoming a part of this great community.

But now back to your question.

I own DFHS and C&V and I love how they sound.
It's however as allways a matter of taste, I know there are people who prefer the sound of BFD,or others but for me DFH is the only one where I get the feeling of sitting next to the drummer, it just sounds like real.
You also have to treat the drums like real, when you are done with your midi drumpart, you need to bounce the files and then import them back into your project as wav files. You can then process every track with eq, reverb etc.
You also have control over microphone spill, for example with the snaredrum you can choose between the top and bottom microphone, plus what sounds have leaked into those mics ( for instance hihat and kick )plus you have overheads and ambiance mics.
They're all different files so you can treat them all separately.

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BFD sounds nice. I don't know about DFH Superior though. It is so bloated, a 35 Gig sample set, and a Kontakt based sampler interface that mixes TONS of samples. I prefer the original DFH, and I create custom outputs in Kontakt, and make the whole thing a track template in Reaper. The original DFH is a very SMALL sample set, and can be very "lite" in kontakt, or DR008, or Battery, whatever.
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Like I said, it's a matter of taste.
35 Gig of samples means very detailed sounds.
The sample player looks and works fine.
Is it Kontakt based?
I didn't know.
It can be lite enough, you can switch ( while programming )to 16 bit and it has TPC, some sort of compression so that it won't take up too much ram.
You can also set it so that it will only load the drumhits that you actually used.
To keep it even simpler, there is no absolute need to bounce files, you can just use the midi channels, every piece of the kit of course gets their own track/channel.
And you can still decide wich drums will leak into other drum's microphones.

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Yes, tried them all, like BFD the best but DKFH is a very good choice. As was mentioned, they both sound great out of the box, but the way to get them to sound real is to treat them the way a real drumkit is treated in the studio, with comp and a bit of eq in the right places.
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