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Human being with feelings
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Default New Ninjam Mods..

I have completed the first set of mods for Ninjam (Windows client). I would like to share the mods with the ninjam community.

Current Mods:

Remote user preference saving:

You can change user's preferences (volume, pan, mute, solo, receive) and then go under Extra>Save Remote Preferences menu. It will save all settings you have made to user(s) in jam room.
Very useful for panning user's Right and Left channels as well as levels so you don't have to keep on setting them each time they enter jam room.

ChatBox Mods:

I changed the chat box color scheme as well as changed the font size. I also stripped IP address from chat room because it was taking too much space. IPs are still visible in User's channel. I hope to make a color scheme dialog so that users can customize to their preference.

You may download the current compiled build at:

Just copy the ninjam2.exe into your installed folder and run. Otherwise, if you dont mind resetting all your prefs, you can install into new dir.

I have been chatting with fellow Ninjam'ers and taking suggestions for other mods to work on in my spare time. The saving user pref mod was Nightchild's idea. It is the first time I took part in GPL software so I don't know the proper way to get something like this more centralized. Perhaps we can make a sourceforge effort for the Ninjam improvements? I will be including source code in the future once I find out the best way to do it. It would be cool to get a community effort going to improve Ninjam.

I hope you guys like it.

P.S. Please tell me if you find any bugs.

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Human being with feelings
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the remote user preference saving mod is a good idea. Since I am not using the windows client I won't have any use of it, but I will do that in the linux client then;-).

I have a sourceforge project for the linux gui client. It is also including the ninjam backend library. Maybe we can extend that to include also the windows version. But your changes are probably only made in the gui code, right? But I could remove the ninjam backend from the gninjam project and request a separate project for the backend and you could request a project for the windows gui!? Or is that too much separation?;-) You would have to use then the libninjam backend, so that we have a common community ground;-).

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Human being with feelings
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Yes, I only made modifications to the winclient source. It does not affect anything else.

You mentioned some good ways of including this into sourceforge. Since, like I mentioned, it is my first time with GPL I do not know the most elegant way of organizing this. I don't mind adding it to your 'linux gui client' sourceforge project. How does someone go about doing this? I don't know what to think about splitting the ninjam backend from the gui client. Do you find this would be necessary?

I am currently working on more windows client mods and will start including source code from now on.

Another idea I was having was to write a Java Ninjam version, this way it may be crossplatform. Would this be huge undertaking, or even worth the undertaking? What is your opinion?

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Human being with feelings
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Default New Ninjam Mod with Chat Box color scheme choosing

You can now choose your Chat Box color scheme from a color picker. Go under menu: Extra>Chat Box Color Preferences.

Download it at:

Download the source code (winclient) at:

I hope you guys enjoy the latest build.
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Human being with feelings
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I just made a test on my non developer machine and found what was the problem most likely. I compiled with with msvcrt v8 dll (msvcrt80.dll), this is the newest runtime libraries. You probably have older runtimes in your computer (v7 most likely).

Just in case anyone that had no success with previous compiled version, I have recompiled without external calls to msvcrt80.dll. So this version should work with older runtimes. No changes to source code were done(so above supplied source code is still current). I only chose mfc static library option from compiler menu.

Please tell me if it worked fine.

Download at:
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