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Default ReaRoute free standing?

Is there a way of using ReaRoute by itself without starting Reaper?
If not, it would be great if you could make a little script/app that makes it active and pass audio.
I have a VST loudspeaker crossover software that comes with its own VST host. My customers are looking for a way to stream audio directly from ASIO capable media players to the crossover.

I was able to play music from Foobar using its ASIO output set to ReaRoute, bounce the stream to my crossover's inputs, send the crossover outputs back to Reaper and finally output the audio through my ASIO sound card. But, that required Reaper running with 4 or 5 stereo tracks record-enabled and monitoring activated.
It would be great if ReaRoute ran in background and passed audio through a user definable 16x16 matrix. This would be worth paying for, since many ASIO sound cards are not capable of internally routing audio streams.

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