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Default Audigy 2ZS PCMCIA Owners......info needed


I'm thinking of adding the Audigy 2ZS to my laptop, as I can't stand the miserable onboard card any longer. I want to compliment my desktop sb-live card, so I can use soundfonts with both at the same time, and "share" the CPU "loads" between the two when using VST's (for more tracks..without dropouts,clicks,etc.)

What I need to know is
1: does the internal sound card in laptop become disabled when Audigy is plugged into PCMCIA slot ?
2: can I still use all my "EAX" effects like changing voice(robot,male,female,choirs,etc.)?
3: can I record stereo audio while playing back midi tracks at same time?

This would be great, as I would have 2 soundfont cards,2 Yamaha keyboards (PSR 475 XG voices), AND several VSTi's playing all at the same time, and recording any combination I want.(mind boggling !!!!).

any info would be greatly appreciated....thanks

Terry B.
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