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Default "Channelstrip-like"-Request, Extended FX Browser View ?


i don´t know if this has been suggested before, but i thought i give this idea a spin.

I Just figured out the FX Browser and found out that you can drag-drop FX and Chains onto a channel, which i think is way cool!

Cooler than any other DAW does it, i think!

Now, from my point of view, i do a mostly composing and arranging stuff, there´s one thing in logic, i really came to like.

I try to illustrate what i mean.

Of course, you have your "dock-like" Slider-Windows, where you can select stuff to insert it on a given and selected channel.

Then when you select that channel, more or exactly the insert instrument on that channel (see below)

if you open up the browser to right you see this...

and you can choose patches and seetings you saved within logics interface...

Now, in Reaper i docked the FX-Bowser to drag/drop stuff from there onto tracks..

I wish one could extend that browser-view. So that it display more colums corresponding automatically to that selected track, which displays A) the given instrument and FX on that track B) optional Folders if one organises his patches and settings in folders and C) the actual patches themselves.

I made a little illustration but forgot to draw the first column.

Now, there a certainly other things to do first, since i believe you would need a "Save - Function" in Reaper´s FX-Windows and there are other things to. But from composer/songwriter point of view.
Clicking through FX-Windows looking for favourite patches and doing that for several tracks is really nerve-wrecking. So an extended browser option would be great , i think.


Reaper 2.55beta, OS 10.4.11

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