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Default Send/Rcv sign on tracks not displaying on some contexts

I attach with this post a test project to show what I mean. This is only one case in which I´ve seen, lately, that the send/rcv sign on tracks doesn´t work properly.

I have a Reasynth track sending channels 1/2 to a ReaVerbate track :

When I create a post-fader stem out of the ReaSynth track (i.e. with "Render selected area of tracks to stereo post-fader tracks (and mute originals"), you´ll notice that that send sign on the new stem track is not shown :

Only when I Alt-Click twice on the I/O button of the stem track -disabling and enabling again the Master send -, the send sign is properly shown :

If it´s not related to anything in my setup, I think it´s easily reproducible...
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