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Default [VST3] "channel index" property sometimes not always reported correctly to plugin

Reaper version: v5.978/64 macOS

A VST3 plugin inserted in first track does not get its "channel index" reported correctly.

How to reproduce:
Implement a VST3 plugin that implements the setChannelContextInfo(IAttributeList* list) callback.
In the callback, query the "channel index" property and output it (either to plugin UI, or just to debug console).

Create two tracks
Insert plugin intro track 1, and notice that the IAttribtueList::getInt() call to get that property fails.
Insert plugin into track 2, and notice that the above-mentioned call succeeds.

Drag and drop track 2 to make it become track 1. setChannelContextInfo() gets called on the two plugins, and they now report the correct track number.
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