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Default Solved! Reaper Not Recognizing Any Input

Hi Folks,
First post here and I am completely stumped! I downloaded Reaper today and have spent hours trying to get it to record.

I am running a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 into an iMac running Mojave. I can see and select my Scarlett in Preferences under Audio - Device. But when I create and arm a new track, I get no input from the Scarlett.

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Scarlett. I've tried restarting the iMac. I have tried using my built in mic. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Reaper. I dragged a .mp3 into Reaper and I can play it back through the Scarlett.

The mics and interface work perfectly in GarageBand and Adobe Audition but for some reason I can't get any signal from any source in Reaper on this iMac.

I got out my old MacBook Pro and installed Reaper on that and everything worked perfectly. I was able to record using the built in mic, switch over to the Scarlett and record with that too.

I've spent hours on this and every answer I've found on Reaper not getting a signal has to do with the wrong device being selected, the track not being armed, drivers, etc. but since I was up and running instantly on my old MacBook and I'm duplicating everything I did there on the iMac, I assume it has to be something else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Default Solved!

I solved this! I needed to go into System Preferences and then Security and Privacy then under Microphone and check the box to give Reaper access to the microphone.

GarageBand was already on the list and checked and I never had to do this with Adobe Audition so I guess that explains why those two programs worked without any issues.

I had to do this same thing to give my cloud backup program permission to access my photos and I still get the prompt over and over again during back up so I guess I should have thought of this solution.

The lesson for me is that if anything doesn't work quite right in Mojave, go in and see if something needs permission to access something else!

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Default That fixed it!

Thanks Matt, that did the trick.

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Default Thank you!

I had the exact same problem. I needed this post. You saved me hours of hair-pulling frustration.
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