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Default how to do this on my theme?

hello evryone,

I'm a new user of reaper, i'm coming from protools . i developped my theme step buy steps but i can't find how to change the color of those parts of my theme :

. "bpm" and "bar" text

. "selection" timecodes text

. And the master value of the peak meter on the master track

I can't find the corrects items in the Theme developpement/tweaker.

If someone can help me; it would be great!
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Hi, grillo

Sadly, these colors are not tweakable in the Theme development/Tweaker window. To change them, you'll have to unzip the .ReaperThemeZip theme file and locate the rtconfig.txt one which is in the image folder of the theme and contains all the Walter instructions that drive the theme behavior. Open it with a raw text editor (Notepad++ or an equivalent) and make a search for these color values :

set trans.bpm.edit.color (bpm edit text)
set trans.bpm.tap.color (bpm/tap button text)
set trans.rate.color (rate value text)
set trans.curtimesig.color (time signature text)
set trans.sel.color (time selection left, right and length texts)

set master.mcp.meter.readout.color (master track peak)
set master.mcp.meter.rmsreadout.color (master track RMS)

The values specified in each of the settings are, in brackets, under the RGBA format, each number being set on a 0-255 scale. Edit these as wanted and rezip both the image folder and the .ReaperTheme file together and bring back the .ReaperThemeZip extension to the resulting file before putting it back in the \ColorThemes subfolder of your Reaper installation.

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Hi cubic13

Thank you very much for your clear explanations. I'll try that thoses days,

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