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Default EQ knobs on mixer view

are there any themes that show EQ knobs on the mixer view. low, mid, high mid, and high? like a real neeve or ssl type look? i would like to make adjustments to eq while listening to mix all on one mixer view screen. i would also still like to see track insert f/x titles up top at same time seeing low, mid and high eq knobs on all tracks.

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You would have to use the Extended Mixer for that. It is usually on the top area of the (extended) mixer panel, but can also reside on the sidebar if there is such layout on the given theme. (E.g. Standard Sidebar in the Default theme.)

Kenny Gioia has a video of how to show the parameters in the panels here:
Show in Track Controls
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You mean like this?

Couple tips: You need to add the knobs in the order you want them, as you cannot rearrange later. Once you have your favorite EQ set up you can save the fx chain as default for new tracks in the fx window menu. If you have multiple EQ's you want this option for, save each as it's own fx chain (without any other plugins) and you can drag any of these fx chains into a track later with all the knobs.
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Default very cool

thanks so much for showing me the way. Great tips! Can't wait to get home and try it out tonight. Reaper is so versatile. Used sonar sense 1997 and made the switch last year. Don't regret it at all! Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by viziovizio View Post
Reaper is so versatile.
Except this is not user-friendly solution at all. Knobs are very small, they are barely separated, values create a visual mess. And overall it looks really really UGLY.

You can use it however and will strain your eyes and neck eventually.

I hope one day developers will address this extremely important part for us mixers. For now its a joke.
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