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Default Modern i Series laptops

Any real issue with modern Lenovo laptops running i series CPUs for recording?

I don't mean stuff that would bother the latency purists, or someone who needs to run 80 tracks of 512k sampling rate at 16 buffers, I mean compared to a core2duo desktop ten years ago.

I know firewire isn't an issue anymore which was a big big one back in the day for laptops, and I assume these will all be usb interfaces, so really I'm looking for stuff like unavoidable high DPC latency drivers or any gotchas like that

I had REALLY good luck lately with Lenovo Yoga i5 and Dell inspiron 7000 i7's but I don't know if I just got lucky or what
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I have an HP i5 laptop I've had for 2 years now. I run a Scarlett Solo interface, the lowest buffer I can go is 128, and I can have maybe 10 vst tracks to play and record on (massive, mpc essentials, dimension pro, rapture, etc). Anything past that and I get glitches and have to consider freezing, etc. HDD, 8GB ram. Nothing special at all.

For just messing around, it is ok. I cannot run a real recording or mix session on it but I can at least make some instrumental rough drafts.

In terms of drivers, apps etc...my hp was loaded with garbage but easy to remove. Not sure about actual hardware compatibility re: usb, ram, video, etc. Other than it being about 10x slower than my studio setup...it's not bad.
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