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Default Ipad- insanely frustrated

So, decided to get an ipad 6th gen 32 gb to do some music on mainly due to its touch screen. I have a bit of wrist issues and mousing around for production is time consuming and hurts after a while.

Enter my first iPad. I LOVE it! Love the touch screen interface. Everything i do with the mouse i do much quicker with pain free relative ease on the pad BUT... coming from windows and android the CLOSED NATURE of the iOs environment is VERY FRUSTRATING and im having problems with work flow.. AGAIN.

The main issue im having is importing sounds. Like... every freaking app i use MAKES me use iTunes.. to import sounds. Not happening and very counterproductive and counterintuitive. No inherent file manager browser?? Everything is done through itunes? There was a reason I switched to an android phone years back, and it was mainly due to this, and 6 years later, same shit.

In fact, I ONLY GOT AN IPAD for beatmaker 3 since its not on droid and caustic doesnt cut it for me. Seems impossible to file transfer via bluetooth from my droid to the ipad, cant find any app. The ones ive tried.. dont work. Dont have wifi at home so thats out of the question. Went to best buy to see if they had a male to male 3.5 trs to trrs.. since id like to pipe audio from one device to another and sample it.. dood didnt even know what i was talking about.. called guitar center, dont want to purchase a freakin irig or i anything. Im considering returning my ipad but i dont really want to..

Just. Need a word of advice, help or anything. Feeling claustrophobic again with ios

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iOS is a piece of work all right... (At least to someone used to OSX!)

iTunes is in fact a file transfer utility for iThings now. (Like how MTV started as a music station but changed into something different and kept the name.)

Isn't it about time someone put together a Linux install for the various generations of iPads by now?

I've literally never used my Ipad for anything beyond a remote control for the computer because iOS is such a disaster. Great remote though and it made a wireless control surface possible starting 10 years ago. Starting to feel long in the tooth finally. I need to dig into the DIY stuff with the iPad too (and I believe iOS makes everything DIY).
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I'd love a linux variant for ipad as long as I wouldn't need a mouse. i like "touching' my options and navigating that way. The more i try to do things on the pad the more confined I feel. iOS 11 has a file browser app, with only two of the apps i've installed listed as viewable folders....... great. I've been searching for 3 days no alternative ways of getting sounds into apps but all i've found is dropbox, icloud, and itunes.

As far as iTunes is concerned, still a no go with me. Don't want to have to depend on another device to get my sounds. The ShIt is basically a glorified kindle reader at this point. I'm disappointed and fucked. gotta be something in the app store besides themes...

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Getting files to and from an iPad isn’t bad once you get the hang of it. Get the “AudioShare” app, and that with the FilesApp and Dropbox make iOS not such a closed system. It just takes a while to get the hang of it.

If you’re making music on an iPad, and haven’t yet, you should check out the forum at audiob.us
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Purchased app and immediately lovin it. Frustration is slowly easing with the wifi sharing. Not self contained but better than iTunes for me
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I very reluctantly bought an iPad AIR 64 used, as the best setlist/lyrics application I could find only ran under iOS.
Still fucking hate the thing and all its idiosyncracies, but the app IS a 100% reliable lyrics pad live, so it IS doing what I bought it for. Just wish the application was available under Android.....

I also own a Mac Mini Server which I used to help a friend (now deceased) finish his last album. It too has stayed in its laptop bag ever since I finished work on the album.

I dont know what it is about Apple products, but I always find myself wanting to do stuff it wont let me do & leaving no way to circumvent all that "Nanny" stuff.

Sorry to derail things, but I feel better after my little rant...
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I get the frustration - it's been the case for years, and a seamless wireless experience where all devices effortlessly connect has always been just around the corner

The ipad is restricted - but there's also music making apps which are unique and are designed around the touch screen. It's a pity that connecting and running an ipad and a Windows PC has remained so much hassle.

I used Ableton Live (on Windows) for years, mainly for looping - yet I never saw a looper so well designed and easy to use as LoopyHD on the ipad. You get great visual feedback as well as control. If only a Windows DAW and LoopyHD could have been easily integrated.

Also iDensity is a nice app for experimental music - again, the touchscreen is central.

People slag off the ipad - no, it's not as "open" as other computers/devices - but it is what it is, and it does a lot of things well. I've had years of use from my old ipad 2, and it was worth every penny - once you accept the limitations it's much better at what it actually does than any Windows or Android tablet.

The only pity imo is that the talked-of easy connectability to Windows PCs never really happened.

p.s. - there's Studiomux and Midimux apps for connecting ipad to PC.

I got them to work - but for me they were waay too much hassle and too complicated and not 100% reliable for live work.

Looks like the "dream" of a cable-less future where different devices sync effortlessly is still <cough> a few years away. And by the time it happens the robots will be making all the best music anyway.

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Dropbox is cumbersome. Especially if I’m in an environment with no internet connectivity... not trying to upload to the internet and download all the time..

I found this app called Zapya that creates an internet-free WiFi direct connection between my android and iPad that allows for seamless file transfers. I think this app and AudioShare broke my frustration

Now to overcome the limitation 32 gb of space. I want to experiment with multitrack recording and mixing now. I’m too much of a portable junkie
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Resilio works P2P, even via LAN. You can selectively sync files and folders. I'm not an iOS user anymore though, but should work fine. I use Resilio Sync's business/team plan with a decentralized team. We're a mix of Windows 10, Android, iOS macOS and Linux. Never get any complaints.
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LOVE my 2 ipads
I only use them for music duties, as a creative front end for my Macs.

Sequencers galore, granular processing, FX, composition tools, microtuning, drum machines, arpeggiators, samplers, midi filters and delays, OSC - and much more.
In a lot of app cases, there is no equivalent on DAW.

For anyone sitting on the fence, check out Gesturement Pro for an indication on how far this platform has grown into a top creative playground.

Or BM3 / Borderlands /ThumbJam / Fugue Machine /Quantum /Xequence /Rozetta /StepPolyArp /MidiEcho /Aphelian - and MANY more...

Yesterday I installed MobileMouse and am now controlling my surround panning in Reaper via my finger on surface.

As I am on Mac platform - all transfers of any files are done via AirDrop, and is fast and simple: 2 clicks and I am done.
I also use IDAM as a way to route audio and Midi bidirectionally.

If I had a PC (or Andriod) - then I would probably not bother.
I think they are designed to make it difficult to converse.

There is lots to hate if you are a PC user.
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