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Default JS: Synthesis midi_drumseq ???

I can't figure out how this thing works. Please help
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Originally Posted by Lebedjev View Post
I can't figure out how this thing works. Please help

Here's how I'm using it: I drag some drum samples (kick, snare, hats, etc..) onto a track. I make sure that there is silence between each hit. I adjust the samples on the track until there is good spacing between them. Silence between the samples is the important part or it won't work. I render the track as .ogg to make the file small. I have reaper installed on my C drive. I copy my new rendered .ogg file and paste it to c/rogram files/reaper/data/drum patch sets. I open reaper and pull up drum seq. The new file should show up in the scroll down on the Js drum seq plug. Each drum hit will be assigned to a midi note now. Start at note 60 and work your way up to see if it worked.

Hope that helps,

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Default Cool

Just a small detail, the correct directory is C:\Program Files\Reaper\Data\drum_patchsets
Thank you very much for your help!
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