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Default Can Reaper do these things that Pro Tools can?

Hi. I stumbled on this thread on reddit/r/audiopost: https://www.reddit.com/r/AudioPost/c...ny_such_thing/

A guy is asking for a DAW with the capabilities to do certain things like instant instant permanent (destructive) bounce in place of a clip, and also writing of automation (I'm guessing he's talking about making automation permanent).

I became curious whether or not Reaper can actually do this. The destructive bounce in place can be done to audio clips by gluing them, right? And what about the automation thing? I'd love to know if these things are possible and how to do them. I'm sure the guy who posted on Reddit would too!
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Yes REAPER can do this

1) drag n drop > ok

2) audiosuite -> place fx in the item fx chain and then glue

3) a lot of different way of doing it but the simplest one is :Automation: Write current values for actively-writing envelopes to time selection with automation mode set to latch-preview
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Automation (be it track based automation and/or item fx automation) isnt printed in a glued item (in my experience that is).
If you want those automations to be printed in the item, you have to use a render action.
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I responded on the Reddit thread, but short answer: Yes.
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