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Default Rookie Question about the Media Library


I have just started learning how to edit and replace drums inside of Reaper and I was curious where you get the .wav files for drum sampling? Do I create those .wav files myself and then add them into the media library or is there various already created packs of .wav files that I can install into the media library in order to replace live drums with samples? For example, if I purchase superior drummer, are those samples automatically added to the media library when I install the plugin? Sorry if this is a basic question, I appreciate any advice!

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let's see if this can help ...

superior drummer does not give you samples that would become part of a media lib...

however if you had it, you could run it on a track and program the midi for it however, from scratch or via some the beats it comes with... and then render that to a wav file, ...and then that wav file could be saved to your media library and used however...

Now when you say 'replace the drums'... I'm not quite sure what you really mean... perhaps I'll wait for you to make what you are imagining being able to do more clear.
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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There are many drum samples packs available on the internet. You have to search around a bit. Some are free and some not. Try searching this forum too.

Sometimes samples are also made during the recording process and are provided for discretionary use during mix.

Some drum instruments have sample files that you could copy to your library or just use the instrument via your triggering mechanism.

There is a video tutorial on drum replacement at the top of this page.
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