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Default "a reference mix channel"

A channel that would:

1) bypass all master fx,
2) if needed, also bypassing the master level (would act as an independent master fader),
3) would auto level match the reference file to compare peaks or only the RMS of your mix with the other song, the code could possibly use K-x methods to match loudness.

...I think that one could use a new instance of Reaper as a temp workaround, but for no. 3 ? ...the only solution now is Digicheck and manually adjusting levels, which takes time and you need to do it every time you open a new reference file ?

I think about something like http://mixguides.com/studiomonitors/...or-controller/
quick and toggled by a keycommand.

This can be connected to the other FR for a toggle on a master channel (keycommand) to quickly change mix level between user definable loudness presets, and also using K- standards.
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