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Default "Add as takes" from the Media Explorer

This is from another discussion on the board but i thought this should be a feature request.

I need to be able to Import files from the Media Explorer as takes.

Here´s the current way of doing things.

"Select a bunch of sounds from the ME and drag into project.All of the files will appear in the project, each as a new track. Then select the tracks you want to implode, then right click and select Takes > Implode selected items across tracks into takes."

Exactly , as opposed to the simple way of selecting in the media Explorer and " add as takes" ...

No need to create all these extra tracks if my intent is to import media into the project "as takes".

This is the way it works in Vegas and its incredibly powerful when doing sound design.In Vegas you can even import takes into a pre-existing item.

Why do i need this function ?

For sound design.

For example in Vegas i can import 50 foley sounds(gunshots)as one item and then switch takes until im happy. Duplicate track and you have a new track containing all the sounds and start switching takes for layering and sweetening.

By the way , now i can import a massive library as takes.
Meaning i can have One "track" called gunshots , one track , One item, 100 sounds.

For music....

I might take a loop for offline processing in Reaktor , I might make 30 versions of this drum loop.

Import the 30 loops as takes and the start editing between takes and i dont mean just switching between takes , my usual process is to start splitting the loops and bringing in different takes into the one loop.

Drum replacing Programming.

Bring in you favourite Kick folder "200 kicks" as takes , meaning one item! Insert kicks where you want them ....next day you dont like the kick well, switch takes ! Or you could just switch every fourth kick as an accent or whatever you can think of.

You can also think of this as "preview in context" if you like.

I could go on, this is the absolute first thing i checked when I installed Reaper.

To me its THE most powerful function that has had me clinging to Vegas despite its faults.

If i could make ONE fr , it would be this.
Im absolutely confident that this function would benefit other users as well.

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in Vegas you can drag files from the Explorer to the Timeline via selecting and draggigng them by RIGHT click too, and when you put them on the timeline, choose "Add As Takes". (in V5 this is the only way, afaik)

i love this.

Now in Reaper you can import files to the SAME track too, and there is a new implode style, called "implode takes from items on same track".

but at the end, every aspect of helping to build multitakes is welcome here, so i agree with your request.


(maybe bevoss could chime in, with a macro for after adding files to the same track, then selecting all items on that track, then apply "implode takes from items on same track".)
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i think there should be a chance to put item to new take from the Timeline too, using "Windows" key (if it's addressable) + drag over the item.

btw, it seems that i have the same workflow as you have.


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