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Default "Armed split" on one key.

Hello. How I can setup "Armed: split item under mouse cursor" on one key, for example on 3 or S keys? I can setup "split item under mouse cursor" on any key, but "armed mode" I can switch only on toolbar. How I can setup all in one key and switch this from keyboard? I need this function, because I have practice in Nuendo and there it one key.
Or maybe there is a set of keyboard shortcuts for Reaper from Nuendo shortcuts?

Thank you.
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It seems that the only way to arm an action is to physically right click its button.

You will find an action called "SWS: Toolbar arm toggle" but this isn't what we need for this application, despite its name.

I just tried 4000 different ways to arm an action , WITH actions, instead of having to right click a button .....

I couldnt come up with a way .... i think we will need to have either of these two actions:

Toolbar: ARM toolbar button 1
Set default mouse mod for "x" to "ARM toolbar button 1

Hopefully someone else has already nutted out a better way? :shrug:

EDIT: the work-around is to assign just your "arming" tools on, say, toolbar 8, and then use the following action

Toolbar: open toolbar 8 at mouse cursor

assign this action in "Customize Menus/toolbars - Ruler/arrange context"
This will give you a nice little toolbox on right clicking the empty area of the arrange page, just like Nuendo.

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yep! I tried to... don't find any away to achieve it

I think the devs could make somting like this...

set mouse modifiers for context and click type to smart ACTION 1 to 20

and a window for assigning action

20 slots would enough
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