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Default >>>....Highlighting plugin in list....<<<

Wouldn't it be cool if you could highlight your favorite plugins in the plugin list.

For example, if you create a EQ list then evidently you will have all the EQ plugs there but if you could "highlight" your favorite one this would speed up work flow for MANY MANY people I think.

Let me know what you think...

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This is a feature of Protools. It gives you a choice of specifying your favorite EQ and your favorite dynamics plugin.

Useful. There are no categories in Reaper. Everyone has to create their own folders, which of course means there's no reference, no standard, nothing to build on.

Protools gives you a choice of displaying your plugins by type(almost everyone's choice), manufacturer or flat. Reaper only has Flat. Everything else the user has to setup themselves, and again, there are no preconceived categories here that anyone could build on.

I'm all for it. I find the plugin picker in Protools a lot more practical sometimes. I'm used to typing in a name, but if you want a list of EQs or compressors, it's every user for themselves.
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