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Human being with feelings
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Default jam farm code

anyone still have access to the jam farm php code to show live server status on a web page? a forum search shows topics and links but all are dead links or denied access.

would be nice ho host the public ninjam server status as well as my own on my site.
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Human being with feelings
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Same problem here. I've found the code on , who also shares a patch for the AMD64 auth fix!

My server works on AMD64 with client auth. But the php script doesn't work. The autentication fails. It says "invalid login to server!". It has something to do with the pass challenge but I can't find the relevant part . Here is a part of the code:

nj_sendauthmsg($fp, $user, $pass, $res['challenge']);

while (!feof($fp))
if (!$poo) break;

if ($poo['type'] == 1)
echo "invalid login to server!<BR>";
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