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Default Newbie here, I may be in over my head

Howdy all, I'm brand spankin' new to DAW. I'm looking forward to what to me is a new frontier. Also looking forward to learning from all you pro's and not so pro's alike.

I'm a drummer so please forgive me when I ask a stupid question.

I loaded Reaper this weekend on the recommendation of a friend. I'm using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro to interface between various inputs to my computer. I've searched the Forum for what I'm about to ask and I either didn't understand what I was reading or it can't be done with Reaper.

What I want to do is record my Roland TD6-V drum kit and I want all the different sounds on seperate Tracks as I play, i.e. Track 1 snare, Track 2 kick, Track 3 Hi-Hat and so on. How is this accomplished?

I appreciate any advise you can give me.

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How many inputs does your soundcard have? You would need a seperate input for each track.
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Not so sure.

Does the Roland throw out the snare, kick etc on different channels?

If so, you could set up a track, provide it with the needed channels (in the IO dialogue) and then use routing to send out the respective channels to independent tracks. You just need to know what sound is on what channel.

This thread may help. http://www.cockos.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2611 which does something similar for a VST.
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The short answer: I think you should upgrade your hardware to record multiple tracks of drums.

The simplest way to record multiple tracks of digital drums is to simply send one drum sound into each input of a multi-input soundcard and just record each input as a seperate track. (e.g. kick to input 1, snare to input 2, hat to input 3, crash to input 4, ride to input 5, etc...)

To do this, you must have a drum module that has enough output jacks to feed each kit piece to a seperate output. You must also have a soundcard that has enough inputs to allow you plug in each track seperately. I don't think you have either, with the equipment you listed.

Still... there is a tedious workaround. Actually record your performance on the TD6 (it does have a record function, right?) and then set it up so that only the snare is heard on the right output. Plug the right output into input 1 on your soundcard and set up Reaper to record a track from that input. Now play back your recorded file from the TD6 and record the snare output into reaper as track 1, then repeat for each kit piece, recording one track at a time.

Note that the above technique will produce tracks that may not be aligned exactly right. It would be a good idea to put a little "blip" at the beginning of the drum performance, so you can use that to line up all the tracks after recording them into the computer.

The other option is to send the output of the TD6 into your computer not as audio, but as MIDI data. MIDI is a kind of digital sheet music. You can't "hear" midi, it's just a sort of electronic transcription that allows different devices to communicate with each other (similar to how your drum pads "tell" the drum brain to trigger, say, a snare sound).

So you can record midi in your computer, and then use the midi data to trigger, for example, software drum samples that you could then record as audio and route within REAPER however you like.

The mechanics of using MIDI are not rocket science, but they are a little beyond what I can fit into a forum post. You can find general MIDI primers on the web.

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Another thread that may help if you follow the midi route .. http://www.cockos.com/forum/showthre...ghlight=roland
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