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Default USB Midi-Audio Problem...drivers ????


I have an external USB audio device that records\playbacks stereo audio (laptops only have mono record through mini-plug audio-in...that's why I use this device).
This device has it's own driver and shows up in preferences\audio\device= bla bla (forgot name).However,when opening Reaper's I\O menu.....only audio outputs selections show.
The MIDI hardware only displays "NONE" and "Send all midi output to channel ?". Reaper doesn't display my midi devices now in I\O.

When I hit RECORD (on transport), the cursor DOES NOT MOVE, but the word Recording is displayed on transport, AND the numbers are increasing (time index)until I hit stop button. Playback has same thing....cursor doesn't move and transport says "playing-or stopped"....Reaper does NOT even make a blank "recording" on track either. (track is totally empty !).

If I unplug the USB (audio device), then all is ok, and midi devices show up and I can record midi again, and MONO audio,using laptop input.

I can use this device with Cakewalk\Sonar\Cooledit\Audacity\etc. and have no problems, and can record Midi at same time as stereo audio with Cakewalk\Sonar !!! (all 3 USB ports used at same time)

The drivers all work (Yamaha USB midi driver,USB stereo device driver,and have NO problem with above programs...therefore Reaper must have a problem with USB midi keyboards and USB audio devices at same time.(tried all this with desktop...same problem !!!!).

Terry B.
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