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Default Stuttering on Loop Restart

Hi All,

I'm new to Reaper and really loving it. I have grown really tired of waiting years for key usability features that should have been there from the start (like Reaper has), so I am looking forward to using Reaper full time as mainly a mixing app.

I have found it to to be very stable so far, but I have one problem that is fairly annoying and hope can be easily fixed. When I have about 48 tracks or more going with a looped section, every time the loop restarts I get stuttering audio for 8-10 seconds until it settles down and "locks in".

Is there a pref setting I am missing, or a buffer adjustment etc. that will help? I am using an EMU 1820m which is solid with Cubase SX3. I have been lurking through this forum for a while but have not found anything yet.

Any suggestions?

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Well, there are various performance-related settings in the preferences but only patient experimentation (and careful note-taking) would work - I don't think there's a magic bullet for this.
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