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Default Changes in tempo messing up Time Signatures


I've been having what I think is a very noticeable and huge bug regarding Tempos and Time Signatures for a very long time, but never reported it because I always thought that maybe I was doing something wrong. Since I reported a bug a couple of weeks ago and they told me it was getting fixed, I thought I would also report this one, and see how it goes. Please, if it's me doing something wrong let me know, but I'm pretty sure Reaper shouldn't be doing this, and it sometimes messes up my creative ideas big time (like today):

Basically, many times when I do tempo changes (not time signature changes) in the middle of measures, it messes up the time signatures. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Coi09lVO8D4

If someone needs the project file I can send it, but I'm pretty sure this bug wouldn't be something specific of the project, but something quite common, since it has happened to me many times.

Many thanks
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Hello everyone,

I don't think fixing this issue necessarily has more importance than any other I'm sure you're working on so I didn't want to bump this thread, but can I get a second opinion on if this actually IS a bug or not? I had to pause my work on an important project because of this and would like to know if it's a bug that has any sort of chance of being addressed in the future, or if it's something in the way I work that I'm not doing right and I should change.

Thank you very much.
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