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Default Automation Item not copy pasted along with media items when in different tracks

This ONLY happens when the automation item & media item are present on 2 different tracks but both are being selected at once.

Here's a licecap

For instance

My Routing

10 audio tracks (Unchecked master send) routed to a buss track which is in turn routed to a return track; all of which are contained inside a folder.
Automation items are from the buss track.

When I make a time selection & marque select, it shows that the
automation items are selected

Then when I use action: Item: Copy Selected Area of item or even Ctrl+drag the media items, the automation items never get pasted. I've to do them manually after the fact.

Move Envelope Points with media items & Follow Envelope points with time selection is toggled on.

Maybe Similar behaviour should be added for automation items

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+1, ai should behave as much like items as possible
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+1. There should be an option. If you want to copy or loop AI
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