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Default Today one of my monitors broke - I understood this important thing...

As per the title:

Today one of my monitors broke - I understood this important thing...

I was listening to one of my mixes I had just rendered and was thinking: "sheesh that does not sound right?"

Well, the left monitor speaker went capout and all audio was coming from the right side. Took me a while to figure it out as I was in another room cleaning dishes.

This make me think, HUNNNNN?!, what about all them noobs out there don't have a clue about stereo monitoring and always listen to songs on mono-or-lopsided audio devices.

Well... This just gave me a new appreciation for Red Hot Chili Peppers's album Californication, which has very little stereo dynamics. Perhaps it has a bit of synth and drum hits, but nothing major. What this does and does not: a) does not let you dream fly out of body like Pink Floyd, but b) make for a very very consistent sound no matter the quality of the listening device. Perhaps, maybe perhaps, this is why I got into this RHCP big time: no matter what crappy monitors it always sounded GREAT !

Enough said.

I understood this: Stereo is great, but make sure it sounds great on a single speaker. Before this, I was "checking my mix in mono", but now, I shall be using stereo as a bonus, not the end all. Mono +

I love listening to all you Reaper enthusiast music producers here:


For the 0.00000000001 % of the human population that follows me, I'm just about to release a new song, soonest
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I totally appreciate a mix sounding the same no matter where you play it, it makes sense for music where a wide commercial appeal is the goal.

There's also something about wide and weird stereo mixes with lots of stuff all over the place, stuff hard right, hard left, swirling past...To me it's magical. Maybe there's a place for both.

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