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Default I seem to be screwing up

I am new to Reaper but after trialing it out for a month I bought the license and some equipment and have been going crazy trying to make it work for me. Here is what I am working with:

Yamaha P-105 keyboard (midi enabled)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
CR3 studio speakers
The most recent version of Reaper and this laptop

I have the keyboard plugged into the laptop directly via USB. I also have two output cables from the keyboard plugged into the Scarlett input side (front) and two cables from the Scarlett output (back) plugged in to my speakers. The Scarlett is attached to the laptop via USB.

I have set my audio device in Reaper to recognize the Scarlett. And it recognizes the Yamaha keyboard.

I can open a track and record music (midi) from the keyboard using a VST instrument in Reaper. I can even play this track back through my speakers – hooray! BUT, here’s the part that is killing me: when I add another track below the first one and record on that it will NOT playback. All I can hear is the first track but even though I can see the midi “notes” which have also been recorded on the second track, no sound is coming out from them.

I have played with routing and everything else I can think of for DAYS now and am about to jump out the window. I’ve watched the videos. I’ve read most of the manual. I’m sure I must have missed something.

Everyone says Reaper is easy to use and I would love to think so. Right now, I’m not so sure. ANY suggestions as to what I am doing wrong here would be greatly appreciated.

Totally confused in New Zealand.
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Maybe obvious points but anyways:

- you sure the second track is not muted ?
- you sure the second track has an (vst) instrument plugin on it ?
- you sure the second track is routed to master out ?
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