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Default File "links", 'REAPER media'folder and safe deletion

Hello. This has to do with the "REAPER Media" folder initially created when installing Reaper.
Recorded audio end up there if I, for one reason or another, haven't remembered to save the project and check off the "create subfolder and move all recordings to folder" option, which I usually do before recording anything.

This folder has gotten quite large throughout my use of Reaper and I'd like to empty it as I prefer to have all imported and recorded audio sitting in an individual project-specific folder, but I'm afraid I might have neglected to copy all audio to the individual folders, and I'm deadly afraid of ruining multiple projects, so my question is:

How would I most effectively go about safely deleting the files to avoid potentially deleting files that are being used in projects?

Is there a way to easily show which projects might call upon this file if it has not been copied to the individual folders? Say, an application or feature in Reaper, where you can highlight a file and show a list of projects (or separate programs) that might be using that specific file.
Is there an action like the "create subfolder and move all recordings to folder" that can be used at all times, not just upon initial project saving?
I would like to avoid having to go through 500+ audio files, where most are named in the same "$tracknumber_$date_$take" format.

Thank you in advance.

Mh Rosaria
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I think that you'll need to do one project at a time:
-- open the project,
-- in Project Settings, set the folder name for the audio items, I use 'media'
-- 'Save as the project, selecting to 'Move all media ...'

When you have done all projects:
-- copy whatever is left in the original "Reaper media" folder to a USB stick or some external disk (just in case)
-- delete that folder,
-- open each project and check that all is well.

And, no, there is no 'tell me where this file is used' feature (although a reaScript could do it.
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Thank you, that's what I figured.
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