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Default Pops and clicks started suddenly.

I'm having a strange new problem. I opened up a project that I regularly use(at least once a week) and start play back. After a while I started getting pops and clicks. It sounds like when the computer is at the edge of not being able to keep up and a short pops and clicks occur quite often(100/s) but the audio is easily understandable(the pauses are long long but very short, but many) but just annoying and unusable.

This did not happen until I installed some new hardware drivers(A Midi to USB interface, a USB HD, and several other things like a new mouse).

The problem is, that the issue only occurs after around 10+ mins of usage and restarting stuff doesn't help unless I wait a bit(e.g., turn off audio interface, etc).

Reaper is only using 1-2% cpu and the rest if free. No new apps or background services are running.

I've been running it on the lowest latency right now and it hasn't done it but does it on the higher latency settings, which is very odd ;/

Have had no issues in the past so it is surely one of the apps/drivers that were installed or a USB device... but that doesn't explain why the lowest latency seems to work fine but the higher ones don't.

(there are no plugins on the project I'm playing on)

Just curious if anyone has experienced anything like this or knows what might be causing it.

Edit: I just put it back on the highest setting after playing for 20+m glitch free and it immediately was crud. When I set it back to 2.6ms(from 36m) it has no glitches. Does the opposite of what it's suppose to. This won't work though because for projects where I need high latency for mixing, it will sound bad.
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Have you run the resplendence latency checker to see if you have any irq conflicts or similar since installing new hard/soft ware?
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Everything is low except the highest page fault, which is about 5ms at times.

But that wouldn't matter too much because, remember, everything works on the lowest latency settings. If there were and issue with the system it would exhibit it at the lowest latency setting too. Increasing latency is suppose to reduce overhead and make less pops and clicks, yet, the exact opposite is happening. I do not think it is a system issue(specially since my computer is quite fast).

Something seems to have been screwed up. I did modify the settings a bit(changed them to default, I think) for reaper because I was trying to figure out the reason for the mp4 bug I mentioned in the bug forum.. That could have been it too, but it shouldn't be.

Edit: Happened on the lowest latency setting a min ago, I let it play through and it cleared up(I did run the latency monitor while it was happening and everything showed good). Sounds like a bad ring modulator and digital distortion.

So it is probably some device driver that is screwing with possibly the USB interface. I guess I'll have to diagnose it by hand ;/

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