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Default How to Send MIDI information TO the midi Keyboard

Hello beautiful people!

I have really complex dilemma here....

Trying to figure out how to send midi from DAW (Reaper) to my keyboard (Axiom 61).

The purpose of this action is pretty interesting.... Axiom 61 triggers Moog Mother 32 (analog synth) so I would like to keep/record not only audio but also midi that I recorded and being able to play it back and adjust Midi accordingly.

Right now I can only trigger Moog by pressing keyboard my final goal is to compose something in midi and being able to listen to it through Moog. (repeating my point here =3 )

I've heard that in order to send midi information TO THE Keyboard you need to first enable Midi clock in preferences (witch I did) but keyboard still dose not receive any midi information from DAW....

any suggestions?

Maybe my routing is incorrect ?

Please, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

sincerely yours,
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Send the midi from reaper to the Moog. You don't send it to the midi controller ....the axiom.....

It looks like the axiom is your midi interface and the Moog is 5 pin din?
In that case you need to use the axiom as a midi thru. See axiom docs.
Sorry if I'm misunderstanding.
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Try checking local control as well any soft}thru mode.=)
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