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Default Bug in zooming

Lately in a project, when I zoom in reaper's gui locks up(music continues to play, no way to stop but by killing process). It happens about 5 mins into working in the project when zooming in and out heavily(when working with transient/peak information).

While I have no real proof and I could be totally, it seems for certain projects involving a lot of audio, reaper freezes when trying to render the peaks. I recently opened another project with similar things but few in number and noticed that it routinely got slower when zooming in quite a bit(it would run at, say, 30 fps, then drop to around 3 fps when the zoom level was high).

I don't know if that is when the interpolation calculations happen(zoomed in enough that lines have to be drawn between sample points) or what. But given that reaper is locking up around that time, says that there is a bug somewhere. (almost seems like a deadlock occurs)

In any case, I imagine the it would be a hard bug to find and even harder to get someone to look at it.

Instead, it would be better to change the zoom to somewhat threaded so when using the mouse button, a rendering doesn't have to happen at each step. (every change in the wheel mouse should cancel the previous rendering and start a new one rather than waiting for it to finish)

...sort of like how ipads allow zooming in(very smooth). (reaper could simply scale the peak image to simulate drawing for speed when the delta has changed by a small percentage in a short amount of time)

I would make a video showing the problem but it would be useless and not proof enough something is wrong because one could claim the locking up is lag in recording or something...
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