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Default Scaleability of the Ninjam Platform

I am interested in organizing a Global Drum Circle. The grand idea is to, hold simultaneous drum circles in a number of different locations.

At this point I am researching potential technologies and due to the fact that I am a musician and not a programmer, I have no idea how scaleable the Ninjam platfor is.

Can anyone help me out with this.


Suresh Fernando
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How many people you thinking?

The general formula is N*(N-1)* ~60kbps of bandwidth being needed by the server...

so for example 3 people is 3*2*60 or 360kbps.. 10 people is 10*9*60 or 5.4mbps, 20 people is 22mbps, 30 people is 54mbps, etc...
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Default Scaleability of Ninjam


Sorry for the delayed response. the idea is to eventually (in due course) scale this globally to include as many participants as possible. Details for the idea can be found at, where I have formed a group.

I am searching for a platform at this time, and presumably Ninjan is a candidate.

If you have a moment, maybe you can check out what the Facebook description and give me some feedback as to whether Ninjam can solve this problem.


Suresh Fernando
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One way to do this would be
where everone was both a server and a client.
Then you could link everyone up as a big circle in
time. First person plays by himself, second person adds
on maybe one interval later then eventually (maybe)
the result comes back 5 minutes later to the first drummer.
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hey man
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Heh, I always wanted to do this too. Ideally you'd get so many drummers it would never ever end.
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Or maybe not *everybody*.

N players in one location mixed down to ~60Kbps is just one stream. Then link M locations "close" (in internet terms) to the same server, where M doesn't exceed capacity and allows for a "listener".

Repeat the above. Have the listeners all connecting to another server where they're players.

Now... the delays on that might be more fun than usual...

You can add hierarchical levels as required to manage bandwidth usage and get more funky delays .
Originally Posted by Tony Williams
...Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world.
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Default Telematic Drum Circle

you might be interested in Beyong Sam Jeong's work:
Telematic Drum Circle is a participatory media art project that allows people from around the world to create a live ensemble performance with networked robotic drums. Participants can be at any level of musical expertise. This project explores the rupture of deeper communication in the technology meditated world, and addresses the issue of global unity by sharing participants’ rhythmical spirit produced through the live drum performance. The project is originated from the general idea that rhythm could be considered as a universal language which breaks down the barriers of misconception and exclusion.
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I suppose with rearoute u'd just need Reaper, reaninjam plugin and ninjam server, then just cascade the ports, so in on 2000 next person uses 2001 on there server and person who's server is on 2000 connects there reaninjam to 2001.

So I suppose TBFX's suggestion would work with whats there already. Just would need some form of guide to help people setup, or possibly a ninjam server plugin for reaper?

Also I think an IRC channel would be needed for communicating.

The logistics would be a pain though but if there was software that told all other ninjam plugins what to do, as in who they connect to. It would then only need people connect to some sort of server for that server to read there info and assign them there place int he circle. Maybe it could handle the irc too.

I suppose what u get from it is a p2p ninjam server but with big latency. :P

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