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Default "a CPU overload fuse" (please please please)

1) Preferences:
"when CPU is overloaded for x seconds, stop and flush buffers".
(fixes a bug entitled: "Reaper gets possessed by the devil").

2) when stopping, the info would be displayed maybe in the counter area (no dialog windows with ok buttons, please ).

3) option to stop playback, solo a track or simply to archive (zzz) a plugin when inserting a plugin that immediately starts to overload Reaper.

4) a "CPU load history map" in the song, that would allow Reaper to adjust buffering before trying to play the song again so it could "learn from mistakes" (AI !).

5) turning plugins off to not let them play zeros (on empty tracks, pre and after items, and [not used yet by any other DAW!] actually "auto-gating" zeros from files, before sending audio for processing to any FX).

6) track importance: less important tracks (the ones you set and forget) get a lower priority + higher prebuffering time, the one you have selected and edit has the shortest latency and highest priority). Instant improvement !

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