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Originally Posted by nyaben View Post
Anyone else missing some of the theme elements?

I still haven't figured out how to get the theme to use the default toolbar icons. In the meantime you could right-click the menu and change the icons manually.

Originally Posted by pyerbass View Post
I really like this theme
on my opignion the M S IO FX looks a bit too big, they lloks traped into the dark square, too close to the edge especially for fx, maybe it would be more breathy if you make thos letters a bit smaller
Well, yes, maybe. I'll try a smaller font size and see if that fits.

Originally Posted by Lastrite View Post
I don't know if this was asked before, but would you consider making a horizontal version of your MCP-fader for the TCP? So not a knob but an identical horizontal fader with the same height of the other MCP-elements. And perhaps a Pan/Width element for the TCP? I like to work without the mixer.
Maybe. I don't like overpopulating the TCP too much, but I might make a layout.

Originally Posted by henric View Post
I'm missing the pan knobs here, just seeing a black circle.
Originally Posted by nyaben View Post
Did you intend for tracks within track folders to show like this?

Weird. Looks like some of the elements are getting lost in the process. I tried downloading it from the stash and for me it worked fine. Nyaben: If you mean the indents, then yes. But the folder indicator images should show as + and - signs.

Originally Posted by pyerbass View Post
for instance the in mixer, the io and fx buttons are not in the center, it's bvious when fx are bypassed, there is a larger orange zone on the side
Good catch.
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