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Default Kontakt libraries in Reaper load slower than in standalone

Hi all,

I'm having this strange behavior where if I load a library in Kontakt Standalone it loads almost instantly.

If I load the same one in Reaper it takes a longer time, in some cases even too longer.

Even if the track is named Kontakt 5 I have Kontakt 6, I renamed the dll to not having to replace all the kontakt instances in my template.

It did the same even in a portable clean installation, no problems if I use it as a separate process.

Is there some settings that could cause this? I already tried with "Save minimal undo states" enabled and disabled.
I don't know extactly when it's happened but maybe when I installed Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, I didn't anything else that could cause this.

Here's a gif to show the behavior I'm talking about: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12y...E3MYCtdQtKtsSR

Some help would be appreciated.

PS Kontakt loads fine in VEP7 as in standalone mode.
PPS VEP7 is causing me many issues with Reaper so I'm thinking to go back to my old template way but this problem is very annoying.

Thank you.
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