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Default Polarity optimization

Harrison mixbuss has a feature where you can highlight tracks, right click and it will automatically calculate optimal phase on which tracks need to be flipped. It there any way without $150 for the time align plugin we could get this built into a future version of reaper? It's pretty simple it runs all the tracks through loudness analyzation in all the possible 180 phase shifts and presets you the option to automatically flip the tracks that are going to give back the beef in your low end.
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Technically you can already build something like this in REAPER using AudioAccessor API. I`ve build a script called mpl_Comb-filtering check selected items so it checks (spectrum) best phase fit for some window around edit cursor. It works sometimes (I guess there is some stat/math errors somewhere), but it is probably better to reimplement for track level (easier and usually more reliable for whole session track with 1 long item) and include polarity check after OR before shifting...

Anyway, it wouldn`t be bad for you to duplicate this request in JSFX/ReaScript forum.
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