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Default Guide to splitting keys and passing through sustain (CC 64)

Hi, I'm new to Reaper having just moved on from Cubase (since around 1994, I think, sniff). I'm learning a lot, and having to re-learn much of my accumulated knowledge from the past 25 years.

I thought I'd post a solution to a problem I was having, and I'm sure others would have come across a similar issue in the past.

The goal: Live performance and split track MIDI recording on one keyboard with split key zones. I need the sustain pedal to work in both zones but it wasn't initially. Here is how I resolved it.
  1. Set your keyboard to output on midi channel 1
  2. Add a VST instrument track for the low end listening on midi channel 2
  3. Add a second VST instrument track for the high end listening on midi channel 3
  4. A 'Key split' track listening on midi channel 1
  5. Add some FX VSTs to the Key split track:
    • Firstly if you don't have it, grab the excellent Piz midi scripts from here (https://www.thepiz.org/plugins/?p=pizmidi) or using the Reaper package manager if you prefer:
    • Add the VSTi: midiKeySplit (Insert Piz Here) and set the first Out channel to 2, the second Out channel to 3 and ensure the In channel is set to 1
    • Add the VSTi: midiConverter3 (Insert Piz Here) and listen for Input Param 1 as CC 64, Channel in as 1. Set Output Type to CC, Out Param 1 to CC 64, Channel out to 2 and Thru to Thru all
    • Add another VSTi: midiConverter3 (Insert Piz Here) and use the same settings except the Channel out to 3. (You can copy and paste this VST to save some effort.)
  6. Configure your sends on the Key split track:
    • Send to your low end instrument track and set MIDI 2 -> All
    • Send to your high end instrument track and set MIDI 3 -> All
  7. Set the Record: output mode on both instrument tracks to Record: output (MIDI)
  8. Set the Record: output mode on the Key split track Record: disable (input monitoring only)
  9. Ensure that Record monitoring is set to on for the Key split track
  10. You might need to set your virtual instruments to accept input and return output on the correct channels. This is specific to the VSTi so I can't help you there.
  11. Arm record mode for all three tracks and you're done

Now a number of things should work:
  1. You should be able to play both instruments live using your single keyboard with the split set to wherever you like
  2. The sustain pedal should work for both instruments (I had troubles getting this working, hence this guide)
  3. If you choose to record your playing you should see MIDI events (including Sustain CC 64) separately for each of the low and high tracks

I hope this guide is helpful to someone. It took me long enough to work all this out, so here's hoping it saves someone else some time.
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