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Default jsfx jcjr CosmoDepot

CosmoDepot download and documentation at:

CosmoDepot is a Reaper jsfx Multi-Tap Chorus/Delay/Reverb plugin. Possible uses include: Simple or Multi-Tap Stereo Chorus, Simple or Multi-Tap Stereo EchoChorus, Simple or Multi-Tap Stereo EchoChorus with Reverb.

CosmoDepot is a 24 Tap delay line with two different feedback paths and 32 independent random-rate modulation LFOs. Delay Loop time is adjustable between 125 and 1000 ms with additional Pre-Delay time adjustable up to 200 ms.

Eight delay line output taps are configured as four stereo output pairs. Any combination of one, two, three or four stereo output pairs can be selected for the wet output. The Output Tap mix can optionally feedback to the delay line input for repeat-echo effects. Each of the 8 delay line Output Taps has its own independent sine wave random-rate frequency modulation LFO. Output Tap frequency modulation amount adjusts from zero up to +/-20 Cents. When Output Taps are modulated, you get up to 8 different delay times, each independently pitch-modulated at different, constantly-changing random LFO rates.

An additional 16 delay line Reverb Taps are not directly heard on plugin output. However with non-zero Reverb Tap feedback, the 8 Output Taps get smoothed out with reverb added to the delay line by numerous recirculating feedback images from the 16 Reverb Taps. Each of the 16 Reverb Taps has its own independent sine wave random-rate frequency modulation LFO. Reverb Tap frequency modulation amount is adjustable from +/-5 up to +/-20 Cents. So the reverb recirculating "mini-echo" images are multiplied on every loop by 16 different delay times, each independently pitch-modulated at a different, constantly-changing random LFO rate.

A final eight random-rate LFOs can independently randomly AutoPan each of the eight Output Taps, should such depth of depravity ever become desirable.

Salute the Space Station
Lately waxed nostalgic about old Ursa Major Space Station. Been decades since I used one. About 1980 I worked a studio whose "highest quality reverb" was an Ursa Major Space Station. Loved it on vocals, horns and guitars. Did not like Space Station for drums or percussive instruments such as grand piano. Space Station sounded too clattery to me on drums and some other percussive sources. Even with the smoothest densest setting I could find, Space Station on drums didn't sound like reverb-- Rather, those sparse clattery reverb tails sounded like a drumkit getting kicked down the stairs.

However, that low-density multi-tap delay overlaid with low-density reverb sounded great on vocals, horns, guitars, etc. Could make a track sound saturated in verb though the actual Space Station decay time remained quite short. This allowed lively reverb enhancement without muddying the mix with unnecessarily long reverb tails.

My memory was somewhat rosy. Viewing Youtube Space Station videos, was reminded that Space Station had more "terrible" settings than great settings, at least to my taste. Had forgotten about all those crappy-sounding control combinations because I did not use the "bad" settings. Always used the Space Station adjusted as fat/lush as this early primitive box could deliver.

This elderly opinion ain't guaranteed gospel. Youtube vids generally describe Space Station as a great glitch machine. Many Youtube demos proudly process crappy drum loops with the Space Station to make em sound even crappier! News Flash: Geezer Seen Yelling At Sky!

So anyway CosmoDepot is not intended to be a Space Station clone. CosmoDepot has vague similarity to Space Station's signal flow block diagram. CosmoDepot time constants and features differ from Space Station but I wanted similar fat low-density short-decay multi-tap verb for vocal, horns and guitar.

Maybe CosmoDepot could be a glitch machine but I did not intentionally coddle glitch machine features. Glitch fans might test and let me know.

To my ear, among other things CosmoDepot can be good for the targeted purpose of fat short multi-tap echo-reverb on vocal, horn and guitar. To my ear CosmoDepot drums sound like kicking the drumkit down the stairs, which is similar to Space Station drum results. So MAYBE CosmoDepot is a candidate glitch machine or maybe not.
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Sweeeeeet.....thank you!!
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