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Default 'Expanding' the stereo of a prerecorded piece


I've just made a digital copy of an LP and the stereo 'width' is very limited. The Goniometer shows a very slim image. It's stereo OK but only just.

I know you can't put back what's not there but are there any techniques or Vsts that allow you to sort of stretch things, to give a bit more width and air to a recording?

I must do some tests to determine where the problem lies - record deck (very old now), LP or something else (Laptop and TC Electronic Konnekt 6).

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JS:Stillwell/stereowidth seems to work really well. I've used it on instruments (a pad once) and on mixes as well. There are a couple of other inlcuded plugins for this purpose I believe that you could try.
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you could do something like phase invert just the right channel.

You would take the track, duplicate it.

Reduce one track to mono.

Put a phase invert plugin on the other track, and invert the phase of the R channel only (or L only)

So now you have a mono/mid track, and a stereo/side tracks.

So you can increase the mid as much as you want, or increase the side.

May want to decrease the tracks to -6db each to avoid clipping.

So this is just one way.

You can do many things, like one mono track, and one track automating modulation from L to R.

A stereo reverb on a track.

A channel delay of 1-30 ms, is similar to the phase invert technique, this would be a phase delay of sorts, the phase being the starting point of the waveform.

These are the kinds of ideas I have picked up, may want to verify with others as well.

Note frequency key map
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Thanks to both of you.

It's a bit late now, so it'll take a while to try out both of your suggestions but thanks for your responses.

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also just simply eqing the left side differently to the right side.
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You could also try this:

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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
There is a member here who created a JS version of that and its excellent for this:


If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.
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