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Default Reamping a PODxt with REAPER

Lotsa CAPS in that title. Feel free to shout the caps, if it makes you feel good. I did, while typing this!

I played quite a bit with routing and the PODxt control panel to be able to reamp guitar through the PODxt. Routing is unneccessary, since the PODxt is already doing it.

Try the following steps. First get a clean recorded guitar.
1) Plug in (USB) and power on the PODxt. Set the output destination to "Studio Direct"
2) Set the sound driver in REAPER to ASIO and choose the PODxt as the input and the output.
3) Create a new track, choose PODxt, mono as the input, and record.

At this point you should have a dry guitar recorded. You can monitor the processed guitar through headphones or even your guitar amp if you want a rough idea. (Guitar amp won't sound quite right since you are using Studio Direct).

Now, time to reamp that signal.

1) Go into the control panel again and change the PODxt option to "Send Re-Amped Playback"
2) Mute the dry track and uncheck the "Master send" option under the I/O button. Not sure if both of these are necessary. Disarm this track for recording, of course.
3) Also on the dry track, set the audio hardware output to PODxt, mono - left.
4) Right-click on the volume control and change the hardware output to Pre-FX. You may want to play a bit with the output level if it's driving the PODxt harder than it should.
5) Create a new track, set the audio input to Stereo input (left/right). Arm the track for recording. Do NOT click "Monitor", you want this X-ed out so you don't get nasty feedback.

You should be ready to go. Set a good sound on the PODxt and hit record. You can even switch between sounds while it's recording and hear all sorts of [t|n]asty sounds.

I hope this helps someone! If I find any other tips/options I will be sure to comment here. Let me know if it helps you!
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Hi BoxOfSnoo,

Routing won't work in your case because the FX unit you're using is actually your Input/Output device as well.

Thanks for posting this great how-to!


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Default Yup

Yup you're absolutely right, though it took me a few days and a dozen posts to realize it!

Getting that dry guitar as a separate track has another nice side-effect. You can use the routing features of REAPER plus some Jesusonic effects to add even more tone options! It looks like I'll be experimenting more... a lot more.
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