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Default Key command to cycle through docker tabs not working as I expect

Sorry if this has already been reported, but I didn't find anything in my brief search.

I have set a shortcut to cycle docker tabs (ctrl+shift+tab) because the default shortcut is taken by Mac OS X to task switch in reverse order. Anyway, my custom shortcut works until I come to a tab which has a text input field, and then the text input field seems to eat the shortcut. Actually, it is only in certain windows. The FX browser and Track Manager stop the shortcut from working, but the Media Explorer lets it work.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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Confirmed, not working with latest version (5.984). I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit, with 64-bit Reaper.

If I have 3 things docked... say, Media Explorer, Mixer, FX Browser... I'm able to cycle them previous or next (created a custom shortcut for both directions)... but once they cycle to the end either way, it stops... no more cycling. The only way to get this to work again is to close the docker (ALT+D) and reopen it with the same shortcut. Cycle over... stuck. Close window, open, repeat. Happens every single time. Definitely seems like a bug.
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