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Default MIDI stutters on one machine


My main practice / recording machine running Win10 was getting flaky refusing to boot or shutdown reliably and MSoft's auto repair was pretty much useless.

So I have installed Ubuntu 18.10 which is what the System76 Pop!_OS on my notebook is based on. This is installed on a SSD.

I've been running Reaper Linux 64 bit version on a couple of other machines and it has been working very well. The System76 notebook runs it perfectly and both MIDI and audio (not even using Jack) is more than adequate for our needs.

But the older Win10 (now Linux Ubuntu 18.10) box is having some issues with the Native Linux 64 bit Reaper builds.

Audio tracks work perfectly, and I can record from my X18 digital mixer on multiple tracks just fine.

MIDI is the issue here. I can see and route to the MIDI interface for the HW synth, but playing MIDI files there is a lot of stuttering in the playback.

This doesn't happen on the System76 box and also with another desktop box.

So I thought maybe the machine is just too under powered to run smoothly. So I installed Wine and the 64 bit Reaper for Windows plays MIDI files with no stuttering at all. But it is having an issue with audio, and I haven't yet found the solution for that problem. Audio play back under Wine is either non-existent or very poor depending on which audio configuration I select in Reaper.

So I figured that was some kind of Wine issue so for a test I installed RealBand from PGMusic under Wine and RealBand plays both MIDIs and Audio files perfectly under Wine. So i have more digging to do there to figure out what the issue is with Reaper under Wine with audio.

But back to Linux. Are there any suggestions for what I might try to get the MIDI playback working with the 64 bit Reaper build like it is on the newer System76 notebook? I'm hoping that I've just missed some setting that might be causing this issue and then I can just run with the Linux build and life will be good again.

Thanks for any suggestions on what to look for or tweak.
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I found the issue, at least it is now working great..

I had Pulse audio set in the new installation, but was using ALSA on the others. When I had quickly tried ALSA earlier on this machine I didn't catch that it hadn't picked up the output device (the X18 mixer) and so it didn't work when I tried that.

So looks like it is working well now on the former Win10 box!!!!

Really liking the Native Linux version. Since don't currently do much with plugins other than the ones that come with Reaper that's not a big issue, hopefully there will be better support for some of the Windoze plugins but that's not a must have for me at this time.

Great job with the Linux version.
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Originally Posted by burtbick View Post
hopefully there will be better support for some of the Windoze plugins
That seems unlikely. It's been explained on the forums before, something about how Windows VST require so much of the libraries of Windows itself that if you want plugins like that to work in Linux it makes more sense to use Wine-based options. There's a thread on this forum for that here.

What does work in native Linux Reaper (so far): Linux VST, JS plugins. That's actually a fair number of plugins, although commercial offerings that people seem to want most aren't made as Linux VST (yet anyway...who knows what the future holds).

There's a feature request thread to have native Linux Reaper support LV2 plugins, here.

Plus there's a thread on this forum for native Linux plugins for Reaper here. Be sure to check that out.
Using REAPER for Linux

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I've totally gone REAPER for Linux. Just in the last two days I got the rest of my paid Windows VSTi's working too, so there's no looking back now! I'm building up a library of native Linux instruments and FX, but I have just about all my Windows plugins working now, and can load up projects that were done in REAPER for Windows and they play properly.

Here's a few of the Windows plugins I have working now in REAPER for Linux.

Kontakt Full Version
Komplete Elements
B4 Organ
FM7 Synth
Superior Drummer + three expansion packs
EZ-Drummer + 1 expansion pack
EZ-Keys Piano Essentials
Arturia Minimoog V
Emu Proteus VX
Grace Sampler
Guitar Rig
PSP Vintage Warmer
Lexicon Pantheon Reverb
Blue Cat's Plugin Suite
Klanghelm MJUCjr Compressor
TDR Nova

Plus a boatload of other freebee Windows instruments and FX.
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