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Default ME: colour of notes from non-selected clip

I know it's somewhere - but I cannot find it.

How do I turn up the visibility of the non-selected clip's notes in the MIDI Editor? Here they (the triangles) are OK in the default theme but not so obvious in the other theme.

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I think midi_note_colormap.png

check this:
WALTER: A themer’s guide page 51.
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he's right DS as far as I've ever seen it's in the color map png that you use...

the good news is that you can have several of those png files on hand and swap them out on the fly in the ME...

I'm sure you know there are a few on the stash and then also if you have a decent graphic's editor [Photoshop??] you can make your own as well.

Personally love the one gofer made awhile back... it's on the stash.
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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