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Default clipsort log errors

I'm running the linux 'jackified' ninjam client..

When I try to either 1) open the clipsort.log in REAPER or 2) use cliplogcvt to build each users track on my XP box, on 9 out of 10 jams I just get one of these errors:

Error parsing log line
user line has wrong number of tokens
local line has wrong number of tokens
unknown token in logfile

Also, when I use the options -savelocalwavs and -writewav all I get is an output.wav but can't get anything to open it, what format does it save in?
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Default Same error, 5 years later


It's 2011 and I can see same error message. A friend sent me our jam recorded via reaper on Win. Guess what - I can't open it in on my mac, due to:
user line has wrong number of tokens

Any idea how to overcome this? Is this a matter of text conversion between systems? The error indicates that there's something missing though... We're both on Reaper 3.x, but importing it on 4.x doesn't make a difference.
Thanks in advance.
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Human being with feelings
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If you can, check the end of line character sequence. Windows generally uses CRLF (chr(13), chr(10) - "\r\n") and *nix uses a simple LF (chr(10) - "\n"). There may be some confusion caused by the extra or missing byte in the sequence.
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