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Default FX chains

Is it possible to set a shortcut for "FX chains"->"Save all FX as chain"? I can't find it in the action list. I would like to manage my presets in the Reaper FX explorer and that's why I use this function a lot. For each preset I save I have to move/click the mouse too much (right click -> scroll -> scroll -> click). Better would be an assigned shortcut or a button on my MIDI controller (single click).

[I don't think it's possible in Reaper] Is it possible to play the FX chains in the media explorer? In Cubase you can go through your presets and they are armed to play, so you can prehear how a preset sounds.
Another option would be to select a MIDI item in the main window and play it directly in the media explorer - there is a play button in the media explorer, but it works with samples only, not with FX chains.
(What works - and this is not possible in Cubase - you can prehear MIDI items through your active track. This is great. But I don't work with saved MIDI's much and it has nothing to do with FX chains.)

So what is the easiest way to browse through a preset/FX chain collection and prehear how it sounds? What I do is - configure a track, record MIDI and than go through the FX chains in the media explorer, alt-click on the FX icon in the TCP (remove existing FX chain), drag FX chain from the explorer to TCP -> prehear.
Can it be done in a simpler way?
I tried to find a mouse identifier - holding ALT while dragging an fx chain to the TCP should remove the existing FX chain, but it's not possible I think.
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