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Default Multiple Video Tracks with one Audio Question

I want to record myself playing my guitar and post it on my YouTube channel. I will be miking my amp directly through an audio interface to my computer, and recording the video with multiple cell phones from multiple angles, but of course not using the audio from the cell phone recordings, only the videos. As is often done in music videos, I want the video part of the final product (music video) to go back and forth between a couple different recording angles during the song.

I am considering using Reaper. Can Reaper handle several video tracks, sync them with the audio track, and be able to select from the various video tracks to have only one of them at a time show in the final product for different segments of the song? Like showing the video recording from one angle during the verse, and different one during the chorus, and a third different video track close up during the solo.

If this is possible, is it also possible to have one video track segment fade into another video track during the transition from one video track to the other? I believe this can be done multiple audio tracks from what I can tell from the instructional videos that are available. Just want to know if that applies to video tracks as well.

Answers to these questions would help me decide on getting Reaper or not. Thank you.
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yes, that's all possible in reaper
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Hi schannell,

yes this would be pretty easy with Reaper. Before you record you should clap once or twice to later have a reference point for syncing the videos.
Once recorded, only thing to do would be loading the videos into Reaper at different tracks, aligning them exactly using the clap as an audio peak and/or in the video as visual marking. Don't forget that the video track at the top of the stack always covers the others below. So make sure to mute a video if you want to see whats going on at the video track below.

Then import the recorded audio on a separate track to also align it to the video via the claps. If done, you can mute the audio of the videos by decreasing the item volume to -inf or by using the video properties (F2/video properties)to turn it completely off. (No idea if this even spares some cpu.)

Now you can add a video processor to every video track's FX chain and choose the easiest way to blend over by using the preset: Item fades affect video
It lets you use the item fades as opacity fade. Cut the top video at certain areas and use the fades to blend to the video below in the stack. Cut out more areas and fade the hell out of your videos.

Don't forget that at least one track with video needs to be there else you get a green screen (or in the next Reaper updates a black screen).

Hope that will help you to get started. If you have questions for more advanced tasks join the video forum and start a discussion.

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