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Default v5.981+dev0724 - July 24 2019

v5.981+dev0724 - July 24 2019
  • + API: add reduce_open_files() utility function for users running up against open file handle limitations
  • + Actions: fix potential rounding error in actions to trim or remove selected area of selected items [t=223134]
  • + Batch converter: fix command-line output filename generation [t=108947]
  • + Batch converter: fix converter visibility being set by command line render
  • + Batch converter: support OUTPATTERN in command-line configuration chunk
  • + Command line: add -nosplash and -splashlog options
  • + Media items: if MIDI or click source has custom tempo set, use it for media item ruler
  • + Media items: item beats ruler uses click or MIDI source time signature, if available
  • + Notation editor: fix rounding issue when auto-detecting triplets [p=2159228]
  • + Peaks: option to fully-read peaks files under a certain size (to reduce open file count)
  • + ReaScript: fix two small IDE issues when attaching to already-running scripts
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