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Default Behringer X-Touch. Am I missing something?

New Guy here.

I recently picked up an X-Touch (the OG, 9 fader one) and haven't been able to figure out how to get it to work with Reaper the way I want it to, which is to say, how the X-Touch is advertised to work.

Using MCU protocol, most of the surface functions as it should; pan/arm/solo/mute, fader, (except for the "touch" part, and it's also a few dB off the mark at "0"). Transport, automation, and jog wheel all work fine, as does the counter, and the scribble strips display track names.

Flip works, but only pan is available on faders. None of the Encoder Assign buttons (top right) appear to do anything, nor do any of the buttons below the counter in the Global View row. The latter doesn't bother me as much, since I can use midi CC to fire actions to change views, but I'd really like to have the option of sends on faders (or even on knobs) and plug-in parameter control if it's possible.

Before you say "Klinke", I'm on a Mac (OS 10.13.6 running Reaper 5.965/64). I've also had a look through all 60-something pages of the CSI thread, and to me it's mostly gibberish. I've been an end user of digital mixers/control surfaces (in a live setting) since 2005, but what those cats are talking about over there is deep. Is there a CSI for Dummies?

Is there another solution that I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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CSI should already decently work with an MCU compatible device, and offers much more configuration features than other solutions, so it's worth a try.

But as it's still a work in progress, documentation is only by asking in the thread, and new versions might need to re-do some of the configuration.

-Michael (using an X-Touch Compact, that is not decently MCU compatible)
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